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Imagine Cohorts

For those in a season of stepping into something new or wanting to be intentional to steward ideas and vision on your heart—join a 12-week Imagine Cohort where you'll find accountability, encouragement and resources to move forward, alongside other women of faith.


What to Expect

Kick-Off Event
To kick things off we'll gather for an in-person event where we'll get to create vision boards and share what's on our hearts. What you are wanting to move forward in? And what would it look like to be intentional over the next 12-weeks?  

Bi-Weekly Check-In Calls
Every other week we will connect for a time of accountability and encouragement, where everyone can share updates, show work and ask questions they'd like feedback. And on the alternating weeks we'll have Mentor Calls.
Closing Event
We'll wrap up our 12-weeks together with a celebration event, recognizing progress; what God's done in our lives, as well as identify a few key takeaways, and honor the friends we've had the chance to journey with.
host & facilitator

Hi, I'm Molly Court

I’m the founder of Imagine, a movement equipping women to live in light of who God is each and every day. I host Imagine Gatherings, creating space for women to give voice to God-sized dreams and consider what that might look like to also keep room in our hearts for the unimaginable.

It's inspiring to think of us getting to the end of our lives to look back and see countless “only God” stories—that we were open, and on the lookout for where God’s leading and not trying to do things in our own strength, wisdom, or effort. It is a joy and honor to connect, encourage, and champion you along the way.

Next Cohort Coming Soon

If there's something on your heart and you're feeling led to take next steps forward, while remaining open to what God might have, join this 12-week cohort where you'll find community, encouragement and resources to help!

Words from Whitney Ballinger, Fall Cohort 2022: 

"If you have dreams that feel intimidating, I would strongly encourage you to consider joining this cohort! Molly brings so much encouragement and literally world class resources to the process, not to mention the community. This experience has been invaluable and the connections extend far beyond our 12 weeks together!" 

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Imagine Cohort

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Fall 2023
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Kick-Off Event in Nashville
Closing Event in Nashville
Bi-Weekly Check-In Calls
Bi-Weekly Mentor Calls
Encouragement and Support
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Connect & Create

Join other creatives and women of faith, committed to taking the next step forward, while remaining open to what God might have.
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What God Has

Over the next 12-weeks, we'll get to see more of what God's inviting us to, and celebrate that we don't go alone. There is hope because of who He is.
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What's included in the cost? 
Included in the cost are two events, accountability, encouragement, resources (including mentor calls with a variety of women with different expertise) and a community of others committing to this.
Why is this worth it? 
Accountability and encouragement can be game-changers, and there's something special about sharing the journey with other creatives and women of faith, moving forward in the things God's put on our hearts.
What can I expect from Check-In calls?
These calls will take place over Zoom and everyone will be given an equal amount of time to share an update, you can show work, ask questions and discuss ideas, whatever would be most beneficial to you that week.
What can I expect from Mentor calls? 
Mentor calls will be with women who have a variety of experience and expertise. We'll get to hear more about their journey followed by live Q&A. If you can't attend that week a recording will also be sent out to watch.
What if I can't attend all the bi-weekly check-in's?
No sweat! While we want each participants to commit to coming as much as possible, there are other ways for you to share updates. We totally understand and expect this to happen over our 12-weeks together.

Can I participate if I don't live in Nashville? 
Yes! It's encouraged to attend the kick-off event in-person to meet everyone. Outside of that you're welcome to participate virtually and enjoy the resources, encouragement, and accountability over our time together from wherever you live.